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Thread: My Eulogy

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    Default My Eulogy

    This really put me in a horrible mood, and i want to take it out here to vent and i hope the moderator lets me - i saw the news it on the member's forum, but i think it is important to write here about this:

    Man Accused of Fatally Stabbing N.D. Middle Schooler Skateboarding Home Will Face Murder Charge


    Just to give some context, and i will probably leave some details out.

    A relative of mine, who is white, married a mexican woman. this relative, we will call him Tom, was a very accomplished surgeon in a large city.

    Tom had two sons, both who were dark skinned - they look latino.

    They both became doctors, the oldest, i will call billy, is a very specialized doctor. he applied for lots of jobs after his residency and had offers in new york, l.a., but decided to go to fargo north dakota. he said that for the money offered, the cost of living in fargo made the salary the equivalent of being a baseball player.

    one of my liberal stupid asshole relatives worried that lily white fargo would not treat him well because of his skin color - bullshit - he would tell us that there was not a friendlier place in the world and the patients followed his treatment protocols to a T.

    some years later, i want to say like 1999, i visited him there. I come from california and i was stunned - his kids had motorized bikes, expensive skates, new shoes of every color, all these toys.

    they literally would leave all of their stuff strewn in the street or even leave them in the park to play with the next day - i asked my cousin - hey, that is gonna get stolen - he said, oh we don't have crime in fargo no one locks anything.

    he was right.

    even now, with niggers in fargo, the rate of crime is one-tenth to one-fiftieth in that of nigger shitholes. murders are nonexistent - 5 total in fargo, a city of 120k as opposed to 275!! in detroit, a city of 675k.

    And then you see a news story like this - and you have to ask, why would anyone want to have niggers anywhere near them.

    in any event, i want to extend my condolences to Jupiter's family and say that we are all sorry that niggers had to ruin yet another life. I just absolutely hate niggers. this is a perfect example.

    I hope she is in peace and that the nigger gets what is coming to him - north dakota does not have the death penalty so the taxpayers will be paying for this ape.

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    I went to the trouble of adding the headline from your link so your thread could be posted here.

    We don't allow 'drive by' posting on the forum. A drive by post is a post containing a link with no clear description of what the link is about. Commentary is not enough, you must tell people what the link is in your post, the best way is to copy and paste the headline of the article of the link you are including in your post as I have done for you. That way, the reader doesn't have to fish around to see what the link is to understand your post.

    We have had a problem with this in the past with people just posting

    Check this out (and then a link)


    Damn niggers, I hope they get arrested (and then a link to some crime report)

    It's lazy and inconsiderate to the reader. Always post the headline of the link you are putting in your post, otherwise they will not be approved.
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:


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    Default Thank you

    I literally cannot believe that a nigger murder would happen in fargo - i still remember playing a game of football with my little cousins and their friends in fargo - i think they were about 8 - 10 and i was 20, and how they would just leave all their stuff at the park and walk home, and then we would bike to a restaurant a mile away and the bikes were left unlocked - and my cousin - who like i said is part latino but fully racist against niggers - said to me point black - oh - we have no shfartzas (the yiddish term for niggers) here and no one steals anything. What a pleasant thought. Now ruined by niggers.

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