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Thread: Something every person on this forum should read. - No joke

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    This is sadly only one of THOUSANDS of cases like this! ALL niggers hate white people! ALL of them!!! This is very sadly a DAILY event, somewhere in the world (USA is by no means the only place that has hateful niggers). ALMOST ALL of these crimes don't get any further than the victims memory, because of disgust (not wanting to deal with admitting a nigger touched them), & because most people feel they won't be caught (not only do they all look alike, but most DNA processing is a DECADE behind!). Damn niggers. Roaches on 2 legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Shelly View Post
    Just click the link and read for yourselves. :

    All this talk about Zimmerman and Skittles is a drop in the ocean compared to the white victims of nigger crime.

    If anyone ever comments to you about Trayvon, ask them if they care as much about the Wichita Massacre.

    Back home this is just another day, they rape millions of their own kids an love to set other niggers on fire.
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