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    Default Niggermania Forum Rules

    We have very few rules here but we do enforce the ones that we have. Please keep them in mind.

    1. We only bash niggers here. No bashing of other races, religions, sexualities, etc. Niggermania is unique in that we allow all people to join and we only bash niggers. Please don't bash Jewish people, gays, mudsharks, Asians, Hispanics, etc. This is Niggermania, we bash niggers.

    2. No excessive profanity or porn pictures. The Nigger Mating section is the only exception to this (as we post examples of nigger mating rituals) but even there, try to keep it at a minimum and the focus should be on humor or educating others about niggers.

    3. No flaming other members. We don't want to read ongoing arguments on here.

    4. No political posts or religious posts unless it pertains to or affects niggers or is about a nigger politician or religious leader. Posts about legislation that affects niggers would also be acceptable and the people who support it. Welfare, aid to Africa, HUD housing, etc. all fall into this category.

    5. No post that advocates or even implies illegal violence or criminal acts will be tolerated at all. This is our most important rule and the one that will get you in hot water more than any other. Please be careful. We do not condone violence or illegal acts on this forum.

    6. No spamming other websites or forums on here. If you have another forum you want to share, please ask a Moderator or Administrator first for permission.

    7. No niggers or nigger lovers are allowed on Niggermania. We don't care to hear your niggerbabble or ridiculous arguments supporting niggers.

    8. Do not post entire news stories or other copyrighted articles from the internet. Please just post one or two lines and a link to the story.

    9. All posts must be meaningful, reasonably well written and exhibit a reasonable level of common sense and coherent thought. Links must have a description included with them.
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:

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