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Thread: If They Are No Longer Allowed to Cheat on Elections, Liberals Threaten Civil War

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    Quote Originally Posted by coonhatingjews View Post
    She is the typical cunt that would never be able to make a tough decision. The only things she'd do in government would be detrimental to white men.
    Exactly. I already know what her stance is on almost every issue or question. She will side with whatever takes money from white men and gives it to women and 'people of color'. No question at all. That is her entire understanding of politics and is the sole reason for every single vote she will cast now or in the future.

    Our Founding Fathers understood this and that's the reason why they did not allow women or non property owners to vote.
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:


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    I am completely okay with their threats. Do liberal retards honestly think they can win? Even now they're losing lots of nigger support and muscle with their vaccine BS since lotsa celebrity coons have come out against it.
    Fuck Around & Find Out

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    Quote Originally Posted by KentuckyCopperhead View Post
    I am completely okay with their threats. Do liberal retards honestly think they can win?
    Yes they do, never underestimate the stupidity of a libtard. They honestly believe that a reanimated corpse won the election fair and square. They're also cheering all these fascistic measures and want children and babies to be forcibly vaccinated with the killshot. They suffer from some kind of collective psychosis and delirium that they can't be put out of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Shelly View Post
    The message is clear. If they are no longer allowed to cheat on elections and election safeguards are in place such as simple voter I.D. (which every other civilized country has), they will start a civil war. This reminds me of how they use the threat of riots to intimidate voters as well. I remember just before the 2020 elections, everyone was braced for rioting. While Trump was president, we had four years of rioting and destruction. Buildings burned, statues toppled, people getting shot in the streets, it went on for years. Remember all those chaz zones and other nonsense? Went on for years and the liberal mayors let it go on in order to make Trump look bad. Then, after they stole the election, pro Trump protestors trespassed into the Capitol Building and one of them was gunned down dead in the hall, unarmed and standing right next to uniformed police officers. She was murdered. Hundreds of other pro Trump protestors still languish in federal prisons where they are tortured and denied basic human rights, some of which haven't even been charged yet, a travesty of American justice but perfectly justified by the Biden Regime.

    Fiona Hill is a former George W. Bush and Obama administration official. Trump kept her on for a while but she eventually revealed herself to be just another anti-Trump part of the DC machine.
    Hill went on to testify at Trumpís first impeachment hearing. Now she is claiming that if Trump wins again in 2024 the United States will face a civil war.

    If you read the article, liberals like her have a very strange way of thinking:

    So just that basic fact of how he is campaigning is in itself a massive problem because he is rejecting the democratic system and the outcome of the 2020 election.

    No, he did not reject the democratic system, he stepped down and Joe Biden is President. Trump has every right to run again and campaign and the fact that you are trying to prevent him from doing so means that YOU are rejecting the democratic system. (am I the only one who sees this huge flaw in their thinking?)

    HOOVER: Do you believe, though, in the scenario where he runs again in Ď24 and is justly elected, democratically elected through the Electoral College, that his presence in the White House means democracy is done?
    HILL: Well, this will be on the basis of a minority rule because we are already seeing in key states, swing states, that there are efforts being made by Republican political leaders to constrain the votes of people who are not Republicans. And again, look, Iím not a partisan person.

    She avoids the question and says that if Trump were elected, it would be 'minority rule' because we would have won by 'constraining votes from people that are not Republican'. I have no idea how she equates making sure that every vote is legal with 'constrainting votes that are not Republican' unless she is admitting that votes for Democrats are fraudulent in the first place. And then, laughably, she states that she's not a partisan person. Sure you're not. All I have to do is take one look at her picture and it tells me everything I need to know:

    Feminism has emboldened women to participate in politics and express their views, it's funny to watch them make fools of themselves without even realizing it.


    The nigpanzees are already eating each other in Virginia

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