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    Jack, I love your avatar because it reminds me of my second girlfriend. Beautiful, with red hair and a disposition to match. The nicest and most considerate girl, that is, until niggers showed up. She could be laughing and joking and in the blink of an eye the look of bitchy contempt and disgust filled her face. I didn't even have to look around to sense the problem---I knew niggers were afoot. And she wasn't afraid of offending any of them. I thought more than once "Oh boy! We're dead now", but we dated in the early 1980's and niggers weren't yet totally feral. One day we were at a burger joint having a nice time and 2 teenaper girls sat down at the table next to us. My GF got he same look on her face as those girls in Jack's avatar. Picked up her tray to move to another table while muttering {loud enough they could hear} "I live in ABC county because there's no XYZ county nigger trash, but here they are fucking up our space". We lost track of each other when her family moved, but I remember her fondly when I see Jack's avatar.

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    Thank you mate! That really makes my day!

    BTW, this was part of a picture that had two fat, ugly, slant-eyed nigger sows foisted on the Euless Cheerleader team. The girls refused to stand and pose next to the nigpanzee sows when that picture was taken. All of the girls were nice-looking and fit while the ugly nigpanzee sows were fat, ugly and smelly! The girls knew that the sows would be nothing but uppity trouble and that's why they would not pose with them.

    May you find her again and may she be as nigger-wise to niggershines as she was back then!
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

    White Lives Matter!

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