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Thread: destruction of white culture

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chairman Mau Mau View Post
    Everything MLK did will be praised and help up in high esteem.

    Until the SJWs and coons find out King was allegedly a Republican.
    That's because the Democrats in Georgia and Alabama wouldn't register a nigger. In reality, that nigger was a Communist.
    The Pope wrote NIGGER

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    Quote Originally Posted by jack2520 View Post
    They fought the wrong enemy in WWII and now look at our countries of Canuckistan and Americastan--they are beginning to be total cesspools of corruption.
    Hitler predicted over 75 Years Ago what would happen to America in the Future. WE. ARE. THERE.

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    Why don't they want the truth about MLK to be told. Well in 6 years we will get the FBI tapes where the boy was secretly taped.So far he has praised a rape of a woman=she needed it his womanizing, plus communist ties.I don't know what more they can tell us.The media lauds the nigger,streets,schools named for him,while Jefferson,Washington,Madison are destroyed and pillaged for owning slaves.
    The nigger needs to be packed on a bus to the dustbin of a failure.His judgment of the content of his character, not the color of my skin was now exposed to the public, and we need the truth to be told in 2027.

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    My Friends: We are now in the post-apocalyptic phase in the USA. The real destruction of white society and lifestyle has already happened long ago. We see how weak, meek, and braindead
    our society has become demonstrated by our collective reaction to the plandemic. People do not stand up for themselves any more. They tolerate a criminal federal government that has been
    over-run with thugs who only are there to gain more power and wealth for themselves. Our government does not give a damn about us. This time we are living in at present is actually "Beyond Thunderdome".
    WE ARE HERE NOW ! There are extremely FEW OF US LEFT. We are the holdouts. We are the ones who will never forget what the glorious, fun, organized, clean white society once was in the USA.

    To anyone who voted for Biden: FUCK YOU !
    For anyone who thinks NIGGERS need to be given more gibs and their monkeyshines tolerated in public: FUCK YOU !
    For anyone who goes along with all this fake plandemic nonsense: FUCK YOU !
    For anyone who walks up to my door and knocks trying to get my attention about anything such as COVID or CENSUS or anything else: FUCK YOU !
    I no longer answer the door for strangers. FUCK YOU !
    I do not answer the phone any more either, unless I know ahead of time it is someone I'd want to talk to. To Every other caller: FUCK YOU !
    I get mail in my USPS mailbox all the time advertisements that show pictures of NIGGERS. If there's a phone number, I call it and say: FUCK YOU !

    FUCK all of YOU libtards and soft, weak, mind-altered drones who think that white society is a thing of the past. FUCK YOU. It aint dead until I am dead.
    I am personally keeping it alive for myself, just as it has always been. To anyone who thinks otherwise: FUCK YOU.

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    Communists and Fascists and their supporters should be shot on sight. We have gone soft and don't realize the danger they bring.
    An attempt by a black person to disturb the white community

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    I didn’t write it, but by damn if it wasn’t my thoughts precisely. Very nicely written.
    Today it is unacceptable to passively disagree with niggers and their enablers. One must be actively anti-nigger.
    Nigger lives dont matter The South shall rise up free!

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