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Thread: I think you reset my password to my computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by White Man From Town View Post
    Why did you miss out on this opportunity to have fun and mess with the nigger's pea sized brain?

    Just start off with the typical tech support fu:

    Dear Jamal, we are glad you texted tech support. We are terribly sad that you are experiencing trouble using our system. We are glad for the opportunity to assist you...
    I have just checked with the system and I am happy to let you know that the system did not reset your password. The system displays that you have created you psw. on date xx yourself. Please try logging in again using the password you have created on date xx. Let us know how we can enrich your user experience.
    You can go on like this for days. Just be extremely polite and write long long sentences, that scramble the nigger brain. You can make him chimp out and have your fun with it.

    At the end just write - We are terribly sorry to hear that you are unable to find your own password, but we can assist you. If you give us permission the system can generate a new password for you. If you like for the system to change you psw., please let us know.

    Then send the nigger a 12-character password with lots of lower/uppercase letters special symbols, letting it know the system has generated a super secure password just for it.

    It will chimp out every time it misspells a character and can't log on and that will be a lot of times
    This would of been perfect

    And donít forget folks, remember to spay and neuter your niggers.

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    Hey in my older age even I forget some of my passwords…just saying.

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    Let it chimp out with no one real to blame!
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

    White Lives Matter!

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    Niggers and technology beyond a mud hut is a disaster waiting to happen. Best thing to do is to ignore the nigger and move on with life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry_Gamer View Post
    Best thing to do is to ignore the nigger and move on with life.
    It's a nice picture, but hard to ignore them when they are constantly rammed down our throats
    NAACP: Niggers Are Always Causing Problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bountyman View Post
    We were issuing devices to students this week at school (I work in the IT dept.) and I just received an email from a nig student who couldn't log on to his laptop. So he emailed me from the Guest account which you can get on with out a login. The email read as follows:

    From: [email protected]
    To: Me

    Subject: (no subject) Of course he was too lazy or dumb to put a subject.

    Doesn't even bother to address me with a Hi, Hello, Mr. So and So, nothing. Just this:

    I can't login to my computer. I think you reset my password.


    This is how I wish I could reply:

    Umm, no I didn't you dumb Son of a Bitch. You made your password. You have obviously forgotten it.

    Why would I reset your password? All it would do is cause me to have to log in to our device management system and push a password reset which I'm going to have to do anyway. Dumbass.


    How I actually replied:

    I'm sorry for your inconvenience. Please let me know what you would like your password to be and I will set it remotely. Please make sure your laptop is on and online.
    It will update the new password when your device checks in. This happens every 15 minutes. Give it about 20 minutes and try to log in. Let me know the results.


    Reply to nigger:

    Your password has been reset to "iamadumbassnigger" (all lowercase without quotes). Please allow 20 minutes for the password reset to your new password. Let me know the results.
    Niggers, they ruin everything.

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