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    I don’t know how much you want me to mention names here so I will keep it vague. But I was an intern, while in school, at a major network. We were doing production editing on a show most of you heard of about catching pedophiles who prey on the internet. This is perfect example of media bias and coverup. They had niggers and people of color they caught as pedophiles but only wanted to air the white men. When asked why I was immediately chastised. “We don’t make minorities look bad! Did you learn anything in college?” Yes I just did. Learned a whole hell of a lot when he said that.

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    Thank You for that insight. Your story confirms what alot of people know: The U.S. Media IS not only biased; but in many cases; thoroughly Corrupted. WATCH YOUR SIX. Your in a Career Job Pool with alot of Sharks. NOT Kidding.

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    The ratio would probably be just like it is on the show COPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    The ratio would probably be just like it is on the show COPS.
    Don't forget Bait car or Parking wars too.... Laugh my ass off at all of the dumb niggers on those " nigger reality" shows.....

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