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Thread: Niggerfuxation of Gwinnett County, GA

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    Default Niggerfuxation of Gwinnett County, GA

    Writing to report on the niggerfuxation of Gwinnett County, Georgia. Gwinnett was settled in the 1980s by whites fleeing the niggerfuxation of Dekalb County, GA. We built the best public school system in the state, parks that other counties are envious of, big well staffed public libraries as well as wonderful neighborhoods and shops.

    In the fraud in January the Democrap nigs seized control of Gwinnett county: the commission, the schools, the sheriff and have begun a systematic purge of all white faces from county government the parks commission, the schools superintendent, everywhere. Whites make up the largest minority in the county at 45% and yet we're being purged from our own government. In the six months since they took over the nigs have:
    - legalized marijuana (I suppose they don't want to lock them selves up for being high in public all the time)
    - stopped working with ICE
    - fired the school board superintendent (after 25 years, and a year before his contract was up)
    - eliminated the school resource officers due to the usual complaining about unequal discipline issues and their "schools to prison pipeline"
    - purchased the ailing Gwinnett Place Mall with plans to turn it into a "transit hub" with low cost housing. Yep, a 90 acre project with a bus terminal

    Of course we're leaving our once wonderful community: driven out by criminals and an inept government that would rather give them a stimulus check and a social worker. Rest in peace Gwinnett County, we will miss you.
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