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Thread: Niggers and "Unsolved" True Crimes

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    Default Niggers and "Unsolved" True Crimes

    I admit, I love True Crime whether it's documentaries, podcasts or books. But some things I've noticed:

    If it weren't for niggers, there would be practically none of it in modern times. Most modern cases, it's niggers as the perpetrators.

    I get sick of these nigger perpetrated crimes, but on the other hand it's pretty lulz when it's nig on nig crimes!

    Because invariably it always end with, actually, we know who did it, but none of the witnesses will come forward and give an actual statement.

    The "community" is always "outraged" because police/whitey/the system don't be carin bout our relative, but actually they know exactly who did it and if he's black (which he always is) they won't say SHIT.

    They hate each other WAY more than "we" do. Witnesses don't come forward, and when they do, they lie. They love to say shit like "Ifin he wuz white, this case be done been solved."

    Well, no shit. Because white people would come forward. And when it DOES get solved, they won't believe it or accept it. They truly believe it's whitey's fault somehow.


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