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Thread: Forgettable neigress in my bank

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    Default Forgettable neigress in my bank

    (&(^'in fat ass she-boon. In line to see a teller. I was busy with a human client, and only heard some ook-ing and eek-ing 'bout she ain't got no money. Let me point out she DID have an Apple 13 or whatever, store bought hair, fingertip extensions (my problem, especially with food service workers is this : HOW THE FUCK DO YOU WIPE? p.s. I DO NOT want to know..... I go elsewhere) She was poured into stretch pants, bad attitude, and house slippers. Yall, I'm sorry to rant... NIGGER RUIN EVERY $*)@ing THING. I just want to scream. So thankful I can vent here. God Bless
    - Bankermania -

    Y'all done fuk up my 'count again. How I beez overdraff mo fuckah? Das RACIS. Fuck u YT. Where yo manager is at? Ima take my EBT and SSI out cho bank n sheet.
    "NIGGER, I AM the manager. Now step this way. I'll be DELIGHTED to close your account, however you'll need to deposit the amount you are overdrawn FIRST!"
    Fuck dat.

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