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Thread: The Zebra at Heaven's Gates

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    Default The Zebra at Heaven's Gates

    One day a zebra is killed by a lion. As he enters the pearly gates Peter asks him "you are a mammal, come from Africa, check. Are you white or are you black?" The zebra says he is unsure. Peter then tells him he NEEDS this information and he will need to go ask God for the answer. So the zebra does. He goes to God and asks "God, am I black or am I white?" God replies "My son, you are what you are". So the zebra heads back to the pearly gates. Once there, Peter asks "so have you got the answer to the question?" The zebra says "I'm not sure."" God said you are what you are" "Oh you are white" Peter says. The zebra is puzzled and asks how he determined that. Peter then says "If you were black, God would've said "you IS what you IS".

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    Sort of a long-winded twist on the old one that goes "How do we know that God is white?" "Because He said I am what I am, not I iz what I iz."

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    The niggers claim Jesus was a coon. The Romans would not have bothered crucifying a nigger. They would have just chained it up and put it back to work in the field.

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