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Thread: Waiting for details of possible plea deal for shitskinned involved Fatal DC carjackin

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    Default Waiting for details of possible plea deal for shitskinned involved Fatal DC carjackin
    7 On Your Side has checked, and there is still no word if prosecutors have officially offered a plea deal to two teenage girls charged with felony murder in the deadly carjacking of an Uber Eats driver. MPD Detectives said on March 23 the girls assaulted 66-year-old Mohammad Anwar of Springfield, Virginia with a stun gun. Moments later, Anwar attempted to hold on to the car as the teens sped away."
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    When this story broke, the media was absolutely giddy about it, since they though they had a White-on-moslem story to distract from the Colorado shooting, which turned out to be one of Obama’s Syrian refugees. But those of us who are all-too-familiar with TNB immediately knew better. The story just SCREAMED niggers. And as always, we were correct.
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