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Thread: Ugly sheboon whale poisoned boyfriend and abused kids.

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    Default Ugly sheboon whale poisoned boyfriend and abused kids.

    This sheboon whale on the Steve Wilkos show couldn’t pass a simple polygraph test for poisoning her buck and physically abusing her cheerdren. TNB, she knows she’s guilty. It’s in her dnape. Then when she’s exposed, her mother ensues a cat 3-4 chimpout!
    She’s a cold hearted lying sow. I love Steve Wilkos - Ex marine and ex cop, much respect (even if he leans a little lib side).
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    If it smells like shit and refuses to work, bathe or act human -
    You have a nigger!

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    You must have tough eardrums. Besides, you sure this shit is legit? I swear they pay these queens to come out ratcheting to the sound of a brass boxing bell. I'll tune in when they arm these ladies with glocks or cream pies...I don't care which.

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    Might as well watch a documentary showing the wild chimps in africa chimping out. It's exactly the same thing.
    Niggers are equal to chimps. As far as tendency to chimp out that is. Real wild chimps have much more dignity than niggers.

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    Big mama of poisoned nigga son be havin' one missin' left upper front toof, an da right upper front toof next to it be GOLD! *Nigger accessorizing at its best*

    Then Big Grandmammy shrieks the following accusation at its son's baby mama: "She no sumpin' ! U no sumpin' ! Youz a liah ! Youz a liah !" etc., etc...

    Yes, I listened to the video for as long as I could, until the back-and-forth screeching gave me a headache. A handsome Steve Wilkos just stood there watching, he must have nerves of steel. I'm guessing his $10 million income makes the job tolerable.

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    That chimpout gave me a headache and I could only take about a minute of it. Too bad the nigger in question didn't take care if itself and the other niggers in its circle
    If only humans can convince niggers that gravity beez razist. Then we can all watch them to float off into space.

    After all, nigger stupidity even defies the laws of physics.

    Good niggers are like UFOs. You often hear about them but never actually see one. And the people who claim to have seen one are batshit crazy.

    Give a nigger a bar of soap, and it wouldn't wash today. Give a nigger a bathtub with a shower and it still wouldn't wash for the rest of its life.

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    Comments are hilarious ... I kind of liked this one and the response:

    Glory Hold: I wish black people would talk properly the way they speak makes them sounds so ignorant and unintelligent lemme aks yous a ques shun come one guys

    Paul Martin: Talk properly ??? It's hard for them to do something they are not capable of doing.

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    When they start yelling over each other like that and don't stop for like 5 minutes straight, how can anyone see that and think we are the same species? I really don't get it. Humans become angry and fight yes but only niggers go full ape.

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