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Thread: It's REAL - Curfews in California

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Shelly View Post
    This is what it has come to. American citizens have to stand together and chant, "Get out!", to remove armed government agents and sheriffs from their property. You know, there is a certain type of person who just loves to try to control people, violate their rights, enter and search your home whenever they want, require you to do all sorts of things that don't do anything (masks for example), ban Thanksgiving dinner, etc... It's usually weak liberals who like to do this, they seem to have a fetish for it. I think it gives them a feeling of power that they don't normally have over other people.
    Our Revolutionary War was fought over a lot less than this. The pot warming up the frog is getting hot now. Most people are very desensitized to this stuff. They think it's normal.

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    My neighbor said that in NY the penalty for breaking imposed mandate is 500k. Is that true?
    If it smells like shit and refuses to work, bathe or act human -
    You have a nigger!

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