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Thread: Niggers are a Scourge on Mankind

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    Default Niggers are a Scourge on Mankind

    The Nigger is one of the worst things to happen to modern man. It is the stupidest, ugliest, smelliest, most dangerous, violent, and annoying homonid group that could befall man. It is difficult to think of anything that is more of a pest to man than niggers. Niggers come to live in better countries than the failed states that they come from. Then they cry, bitch, and whine for sympathy and then eventually demand equal treatment, equal rights, and when given more than this they start bitching about how oppressed that they are.

    Niggers run amok wherever they live, they fail scholastically, they fail at their jobs, they fail at just about anything, and cry racism as a constant excuse. All of the standards have to be lowered to retard levels just so niggers can pass. The country suffers as a result and other countries laugh their assess off. Niggers then proceed to try to take everything of the host nation, the women, since virtually any other race of women looks better than generally nasty fat nigger sheboons, the properties (which they destroy), the money, and everything they can get their filthy paws on.

    The levels of crime they commit are astronomical, usually something like 7 or 8 times the White rate. In the US where there are accurate statistics niggers make up 12 percent of the population but commit half of the murders. They are over-represented on virtually all measures of violent crime, and many other types of crime. Their loan default rates are higher. They have an earlier onset of puberty, they are more likely to use drugs, to go on public assistance, to have multiple sexual partners, to lose their virginity earlier, to have STDs, to have mental retardation, they have an average IQ of about 85 in the states because of better nutrition and some White admixture. In shithole Africa their IQs are about 70. Anyway I could write fun facts about niggers all day.

    They are ungrateful and generally resent their hosts but always complain about everything and cry and bitch and try to get sympathy and justice, which is really special treatment. They go out commit crimes, act well like niggers, and when they win Darwin awards other niggers cause a riot.

    It is hard for me to imagine anything that is worse than niggers for any advanced civilization. Niggers bite the hands that feed them. It is difficult to imagine how Whites do so much to prop niggers up in White countries and the African shithole. They are just funding their own demise. Insanity is far more preferable to coddling niggers, and importing them. Any decent human that has to live around niggers knows what they are, and knows to get away from them. After years of experience of dealing with niggers, and even living with them, my advice is: don't. Avoid niggers, and nigger coddlers who push niggers on you. The amount of damage that niggers do to human societies is unbelievable.

    Something needs to be done about the nigger scourge, the White man must say enough is enough. The one decent East Asian country, Japan, is advanced and successful: they don't need niggers for that, they don't take niggers in aside from ESL teachers. European countries should do the same. Say no to nigger migrants, say NO to Africa. The world needs action, and that is to stop this scourge from spreading.

    Personally, I've avoided avoiding niggers as much as I should, but the only reason was to save up enough money to move away permanently so I could avoid them almost completely in the future . By next year I hope to successfully move away and to have very little niggers in my life. Dealing with a bunch of savage niggers isn't something I really need to do in life, I recommend the same to others.
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    "I am apt to suspect the negroes to be naturally inferior to the whites. There scarcely ever was a civilized nation of that complexion nor even any individual eminent either in action or speculation. No ingenious manufactures amongst them, no arts, no sciences." - David Hume

    "Whenever you feel yourself hating niggers, you need to lower them on the evolutionary scale a notch or two (or three) in order to understand what they are." - Tom Shelly.

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    To paraphrase what General Robert E. Lee stated over 155 Years Ago ; " Whenever i see the White Man everything is improving; and when i see the Blacks; everything around them goes down. " Yep; that pretty much sums it up.

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    would we be any safer if we willfully lived with Tigers alligators and venomous snakes ,,,, no we would not so why do we allow wild ape like niggers to roam free ?

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    Great rant! Kudos.

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    When I was in high school, I remember seeing a commercial that regularly played on cable. It mentioned that students in Finland and Japan had the best performance worldwide, and America needs to do better.

    It’s simple really. The answer is niggers. If our country had no niggers, we’d have the best school performance, the lowest crime rate, the best heathcare, and the highest standard of living in the entire world.

    A mere 13% of the population puts the US towards the bottom of the developed world. Niggers are truly a destructive plague, worse than locusts.
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    “Ignorance” isn’t the reason I hate niggers. Experience is.

    America doesn’t have a “gun violence” problem. America doesn’t have a “police brutality” problem. America doesn’t have a “rape culture” problem. America has a NIGGER problem.

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    The negro never fails to disappoint!

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