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I know, I didn't even tell you the time this nigger sheboon came up, grabbed the bottle of hand sanitizer, and proceeded to pump half the damn bottle onto its hands, and while its hands were dripping wet with sanitizer pulled out her cell phone and coated the whole thing with sanitizer and the proceeded to do the same with her debit card, and then threw the whole soggy fucking mess onto the counter while it rubbed its hand frantically as the sanitizer dried. No sense of proportion. No self-regulation. Just spray as much sanitizer on it's hands as possible. Disgusting but there you are. Really wanted to light a match but figured my bosses would be a little pissed if a nigger exploded in my department so didn't do a thing.
You would have been justified, but I commend your restraint, you never would've gotten the smell out of those walls.. the whole building would have to be burned.... talk about defiling a place, bloody bits of nigger all over?? Done.