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Thread: Yet another white shamer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niggersareshit View Post
    Remember reading an article [forgot author] was about the London subway being riddled with nigger crime, they started playing classical music over sound system and nigger loitering along with its crime plummeted.
    Anytime you reduce the number of niggers in an area, you reduce crime. The two go hand in hand.
    If you think you can debate a racist and win or prove us wrong, click on the link below:

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    Niggers aren't intelligent enough to compose anything besides the sound of shit dropping into a toilet.
    Wherever the nigger goes, trouble is sure to be.

    Obama, aids, Ebola, zika, west Nile... And niggers.
    Proof that NOTHING good comes from

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigrum Barbara View Post
    From the article:

    What an absolute, disgusting display of self-denigration. And WTH does this writer think anyway? Why wouldnÂ’t classical music be stamped with Whiteness? This music arose in all White Europe and music is a direct reflection of the culture from which it comes, which is why we have such a wonderful panoply of composers and compositions out of Europe and its diaspora nations. ItÂ’s also the reason why niggers have the eek & ook music called cRap. cRap music simply reflects the stunted and animal like mind of the monkey shines.
    Modern academia and journalism basically have one purpose, to churn out reams of sophistry for the purpose of:

    a) making believe that niggers have only failed because whitey kept them down
    b) making believe that the accomplishments of human civilization are actually the achievements of the porch monkey
    c) where the above are impossible, denigrating civilized people and their achievements as much as possible, so as to make the nigger look better in comparison

    So if Europeans created classical music, one either has to pretend that Europe was actually infested with pavement apes in earlier centuries and the only reason we waipipo can't admit that - for example - "Beethoven wuz a blak man uh culah" is because we're racist and trying to take credit for the negroid's "achievements," or has to attack classical music itself and say that rap is objectively superior. Or, the easiest thing to do is just say classical music is white and an entire generation raised on nigger logic and white guilt will immediately jump to the conclusion that it's racist. The funniest thing about this is the implication that there needs to be affirmative action in music as well, we need to stop listening to raysiss white music and listen to nigger "classical composers" not because their music is enjoyable, but just because it's made by niggers. Yeah, no, off to listen to some Vivaldi now
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    Quote Originally Posted by aryanprincess25 View Post
    Metal typically and thankfully keeps niggers away too.
    Yes, definitely. Nothing like Amon Amarth or Månegarm to clear niggers out of the barracks. It’s like sunlight on vampires.
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    “Ignorance” isn’t the reason I hate niggers. Experience is.
    ANAL (All Niggers Are Liars)

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