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Thread: Just joined, glad to be here

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    Default Just joined, glad to be here

    I joined this morning. I couldn't take it anymore. I have been a lurker for years on this site but I finally joined because I am sickened and disgusted with all the bullshit that's going on right now with all the nigger pandering, the nigger coddling, niggers showing up on my credit union login screen (EVERY image, I kid you not has a nigger on their splash screen and banners), getting emails from all the corporations lecturing me about how we should all embrace change and equality....seeing videos suggesting we shine the shoes of niggers, even a GAME on my mobile phone, suddenly showing me all these nigger ads...cut me a damn break, will ya? I live in a nice suburb and, my neighborhood is in an expensive all white area. I put myself through college and my husband and I work our asses off to get what we have. Sickens me that niggers think we owe our money to them while they breed like roaches, make excuses, whine about how "oppressed" they are...fuck you to all that! I was born in the early 70s and over the years I have seen them get more and more loans, Grant's for school, better jobs, but they are never satisfied. Everything beez rayciss to them. I love the forums here, they always make me laugh. We are all seeing the same bs behavior and I'm glad I found a place to vent in private without repercussion! So, hi to all. Glad to be here!!

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    Welcome aboard and glad you decided to join us. And yes, the insanity is growing exponentially ... to the point I feel like parts of this country are going to explode. And you and your husband worked your asses off to get what you have. Niggers and their coddlers don't and will never understand that what they think of as "white privilege" is actually in our DNA ... hard work, honesty, parenting skills, and lots of IQ points so that we can do things like racist maff and so forth. And no, we can't share our DNA with these subhuman beasts so they'll always be the same ... as they are all over the world ... even in countries that never had slavery. My sob story growing up is probably worse than most niggers ... but I started working at age 8 and never stopped until I retired from my profession as a certified public accountant.
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    Welcome. Glad to have you aboard.

    We all hate repulsive and wild North American Pavement Apes (aka Niggers).

    Most people become Niggermaniacs after they experience TNBs or after getting fed up with the incessant, tiresome, and rampant nigger-coddling. My primary reasons, however, for being a Niggermaniac are moral and philosophical ones. I can't, in good conscience, approve of or tolerate nihilist and/or deluded liberals' depraved lust for social and political "equality" with a bunch of anthropoid ape beasts.

    Niggers and us (the so-called Caucasians) do not have the same origin! All the scientific facts prove the (full-blooded) nigger to be an ape. Nigger apes, from the top of their ugly Velcro-heads to the sole of their flat feet, differ in their physical and mental organisms from humans. Our present social and political systems, so far as our relations to the nigger are concerned, are based solely on the false "theory" (and the calamitous delusion) that we and niggers are descendants of one primitive pair. The nigger has obtained his present unnatural position among mankind through the pernicious and disastrous influence of this demoralizing and degrading delusion (taught to unsuspecting children both at schools and at the pulpit). And, unfortunately, most people accept this official, state-sanctioned delusion, which degrades man to the level of the brute, in ignorance of its destructive and demoralizing consequences.

    The contrast between humans (e.g. Newtons, Shakespeares, Beethovens, and Michelangelos) and (full-blooded) naked niggers of Africa is so striking that even the poet has made it his theme. An American poet once said:

    "When I am told the niggers,
    Are all from Adam seed,
    That kinky-headed coons and I,
    Are from one common breed;
    I think that chimps and darned baboons,
    Must be my brothers too;
    But then I don't believe the tale,
    I can't! O, can you?"

    Coddlers have been trying, for centuries, to drag the American people and the world at large down to the base plane of the nigger beasts. They have succeeded in dragging the people down to the political "equality" with niggers (e.g. Civil Rights Movement and the election of that hideous crime-against-nature Obama as president). And now, they are trying hard to degrade humans to the social level of the nigger. The preliminary results of this abhorrent and degrading apequality movement are apparent to anyone who has a hearing ear, and a seeing eye: rampant pornography (and other sexual perversions), rising numbers of suicides, soaring depression rates, the drug addiction epidemic, glorification of violence and illiteracy, pandemic of nigger lootings/murders/rapes/arsons/robberies, etc.

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    Thumbs up

    Welcome new friend!

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    I have judged them by the content of their character and doing so has resulted in the same conclusion. They are niggers.

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    Welcome and have fun.

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