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Thread: A Word About Free Speech

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    But they are violating my rights.When a sportscaster said all lives matter, he was hounded.Now Juneteenth is a holiday in New York.yet we had no slaves in 1865,normdid ANY of the north's it does not concern us,supposedly.And niggers want every statue removed,even though slavery was a legal right then.
    The more they give them the more they want.

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    At the same time, everyone should protect themselves online. VPNs; browser extensions that block ads, analytics, tracking cookies, and data miners; encrypted email services, software or hardware firewalls, and a browser like Tor that connects to an external relay so that your IP address cannot be traced. Tom goes a long way to make sure everyone here is anonymous, but it also relies on posters protecting themselves as well; not just to stay anonymous, but to keep those who wish to do bad with your personal info from doing so.
    Send those apes back to the trees, ship those niggers back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord View Post
    There are some "White" groups which do allow users to post threats of violence; even their mods have gone on killing sprees but they still operate unmolested. These are probably used by the Feds, SPLC, and ADL for intelligence gathering. Tom is not only protecting Niggermania with his rules but he is also protecting us.
    Yes, he is protecting us by making the rules that he does. Good on him.
    Pizza for humans, dirt pizza for nigger animals.

    White Lives Matter!

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