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Thread: NEW Board Game from GroidsSuck for Niggermaniacs

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    The point about my “Be the Massah” game was to help our fellow human niggermaniacs to get back in touch with their roots and culture as rightful owners of nigger slaves, and to help preserve pride in that part of our history, and to promote some business learning in the process....

    We all know that niggers today are shiftless, aimless, idle creatures, sorely in need of direction and discipline, and so slavery, for a time, provided that needful framework to make the nigger race more productive than they had ever been for eons back in their god-forsaken “muddahland”....
    Let's spread awareness of the true nature of Niggers
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    You do a great service GS with your photoshop talents. It pisses them off to no end. I saw several comments there about how upset they were with your artwork. Keep up the good work brother!

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