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  1. Niggers Preparing For Massive Looting

    Came across this article and while it doesn’t identify the perpetrators as niggers, any reasonable person who’s followed the news can see niggers are behind this. Ten thieves (aka niggers) entered a...
  2. Gang of 80 Niggers Loots San Francisco area Nordstroms

    As had been seen many times the past couple years, niggers have totally taken over the San Francisco Bay Area and are looting with impunity. San Francisco has seen an uptick in property theft since...
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    Atlanta Airport Shooting

    42-year-old nigger felon Kenny Wells is being actively sought for a shooting at Atlanta-Hartsfield airport today and faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon at an airport, possession of firearm...
  4. Hopefully the business owners in Kenosha learn...

    Hopefully the business owners in Kenosha learn from this and do what’s necessary to protect themselves and their property from the upcoming rioting and looting as the authorities are just going to...
  5. Two deleted ape-firmitive hire nigger cops, two...

    Two deleted ape-firmitive hire nigger cops, two deleted nigglets, plenty of TNB here, but no loss as it saves taxpayers in supporting them and their future sprogs…
  6. Nigger Schools Want Taxpayers To Bail Them Out

    As would be expected of anything attributable to niggers, the historically nigger universities are in a complete state of being run-down, similar to the way niggers maintain their nests. Mold,...
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    Nigger SOW Chimps Out on Plane

    Nigger SOW Arielle Jean Jackson, flying from Dallas to NY, boarding a plane, Jackson and “went straight to the back” where it had a verbal chimp out altercation with a flight attendant who instructed...
  8. Reading the comments on YouTube, her bother that...

    Reading the comments on YouTube, her bother that was killed was nigger Deon Ledit who was killed by police after he killed one Houston police officer and critically injured a second back in...
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    Turns out the poor soul killed by the nigger was...

    Turns out the poor soul killed by the nigger was an innocent 23 year old human woman. It was also determined the crazed sky high nigger was doing 156 mph when it slammed into her car, burning her...
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    Truth About Teenapers

    The MSM always makes a big deal when police shoot a teenaper who is engaged in resisting arrest, carrying a weapon, robbery, car-jacking, or other violent TNB since it’s such a “good innocent boy who...
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    Drunken NFL Nigger Kills Motorist

    Not sure if this nigger on nigger, but Nigger Felon League nigger Henry Ruggs III crashed its Chevy Corvette into the rear-end of a Toyota RAV4 which then burst into flames killing the occupant. The...
  12. School District Lowering Graduation Requirements

    A predominantly white school district, only 6% nigger, decided to lower its graduation requirements in an effort to help the most academically “at-risk” students (code word for the niggers) as the...
  13. Nigger Cop Threatens to Shoot Everyone in Bar

    The nigger is an affirmative action hire by the fuxated Cleveland Police Department. Nigger Sean Bannerman, 26, is charged with fourth-degree felony improper handling of a gun in a car, fifth-degree...
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    Nigger faking injury at haunted house

    Nigger most likely looking for a lotto attempt - a 13-year-old nigger SOW is ooking that it was injured at the 7 Floors of Hell Haunted House Saturday evening. According to its family, the nigger...
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    Mass shooting at nigger university

    At least one nigger was deleted and multiple others were injured in an on-campus shooting early Sunday morning during a nigger get together at Grambling State University in Louisiana. Grambling is a...
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    Great way to mess with the niggers, keep it up!

    Great way to mess with the niggers, keep it up!
  17. This is typical behavior of any nigger that works...

    This is typical behavior of any nigger that works in a place that serves food, whether it be fast food or restaurant type. The niggers look forward to when the customer is white as it gives them an...
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    Nigger judge let’s fellow nigger

    Upfront, this was nigger on nigger incident. Nigger Desean Spraggins did a home invasion on another nigger and used a crowbar to assault it in the head. Nigger was caged, tried, and convicted....
  19. Ohio State Board of Education abolishes anti-racism, equity resolution

    A good first step in the right direction to reverse the nigger’s claim that racism is the root of their children’s problems in school. Ten members of the Ohio State Board of Education voted...
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    LA SWAT team deleted violent nigger

    They haven’t shown the suspect’s face yet, but from the video it appears to be a nigger based on the dark skin, the way it continually jumps around, and the TNB actions taken by the suspect prior to...
  21. Nigger guns down Georgia police officer

    Authorities are searching for violent nigger Damien Anthony Ferguson, aka Luke Ferguson, age 43, of Alamo, GA who is suspected in the shooting death of Alamo Police Department Officer Dylan Harrison...
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    Nigger assaults 65 year old woman

    Almost a daily occurrence in New York, an elderly 65 year old woman simply going about her daily business was chased, dragged and punched during an attempted robbery in broad daylight last week. A...
  23. As usual, the family of the nigger claims he be a...

    As usual, the family of the nigger claims he be a good boy and it’s not his fault since he was being being bullied at school and had been robbed twice. They claim he was being targeted for wearing...
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    How to deal with nigger neighbors

    Interesting article about a nigger’s complaint regarding his neighbor using racial slurs -

    1. We noticed a little erratic behavior like these blinking lights that are on a sensor. When my family...
  25. Good riddance to this nigger. It should have been...

    Good riddance to this nigger. It should have been caged in NU years ago for all its violent crime, but its grandad, the uppity nigger mayor covered up for it and made sure it was coddled. Of course,...
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